Could your back pain be the cause of poor sales results?

I know, your thinking how on earth are the two issues related?

Bear with me and read on...

Whether you are battling with back pain, constant headaches, stress, anxiety or constantly feeling disappointed or not good enough, they all make building a business just that little bit harder.


When we are struggling to get that next sale or next level in business, it can be frustrating trying to make the right decision when were are feeling not at our best.

But it goes deeper than this... What a lot of business owners don't realise is that the health of themselves physically and mentally directly affects their business functioning and ultimately their business success. 


Whether our stress is directly business-related or personal it affects the way we think, how we make decisions, what opportunities we attract into our lives and our business.


What is going on in our bodies can directly tell us what is going on in our business and how to fix it. Our aches and pains, as well as our fears, anger and lack of self-worth, all play a massive part in the success or failure of our business. Whether we have had the pain for five minutes for five years, there is a reason it's there and it is affecting not only us but our business as well.


With Kinesiology we can have a look at both you (mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually) and your business, to not only see what is going on but also where you need to make adjustments in your business, as well as to balance the body to be pain-free, energetically align you to your business goals, so you and your business can thrive.



You are not broken, you have everything you need to flourish and succeed. Sometimes you just need to be unblocked and given permission to shine.

(C) 2020

Jennifer McCormack


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