Are you ready to work with your emotions to create the business of your dreams?

Do you have all the strategies and marketing tools needed but still can't convert?

Emotions are our guidance system and there is much more to emotions than just the way we think. Once we learn how to identify them and work with them, we not only stabilise them but also pave the path to ultimate success.


Come with me as we learn how to harness our emotions for business success.

- How to understand our emotions

- What are they trying to tell us

- Learning from them

- Release emotions

- Maintaining emotional stability

- What not to do when in an emotional state and why.

-Are you ready to work with your emotions to create the business of your dreams?

Jennifer McCormack

Kinesiologist & Health Coach

As a kinesiologist one of my primary focuses when healing the body is working with emotions, the ones that have been there for years, decades, generation and even lifetimes. As well as the ones that came up yesterday and today.  It is not only my intention to work with them to release them to heal the body but to also understand why they are there and to work with them now and into the future.

For me personally, I have worked to release emotions that had caused 30years of eczema, fructose malabsorption, PND & severe anxiety. I have helped build 2 businesses all while bring up 2 children.  So I understand the importance that emotions play in our lives and what it takes to maintain stability.

I have learn mindfulness from a Chinese Monk and NLP from one of the best. The best way I believe to learn new skills for my clients, is for it to use it  on myself first.

I have learnt how to maintain balance in all areas of my life, to consistently grow our businesses as well as work on new ventures and bring up our adorable boys.