"Jen is kind, caring, attentive professional with a knowledgable centre and natural intuitive focus. I am often challenged by emotional thought patterns and a negitive disopistion and Jen identifies and offers clarity and insightful solutions at getting to the real issue with focus and attention to building confidence. Jen has a varitey of life skills and worth which are bought onboard in her practise and she has helped me over serval sessions to balance my life both phyiscally and emotionally."




I found my kinesiology sessions with Jennifer extremely relaxing and peaceful.  I was often surprised by the connections she made with no verbal input from me.

I certainly got something out of each session.  It’s hard to put into words, but I definitely felt more at ease with myself. Thanks  Jennifer.

Jill age 59


 Before I met you, I never heard of kinesiology. I still don't really know much about it, all i know is that it worked for Brandon.

Brandon is now 14 he plays tennis, swims, runs and gymnastics. He suffered from an injury to the elbow which resulted in surgery. He had bad sleeping habits and struggle with sleep, He had digestive issues and food intolerance, He had hydration problems, He had stress issues, He had injuries and soreness to being active, He had energy level issues, and also growth and hormonal issues. All these after a few months of treatments with you have shown tremendous improvement


Before we tried kinesiology we had tried all sorts of things for Brandon. We change his diet, life style, routine, different exercises and even saw a naturopath. He was down to a gluten free and lactose free diet, He was taking numerous herbal supplements and medication to treat his digestive, stress, hormones, energy and a whole heap of other issues I was told he had. But it had a very slow progress and was very expensive. We also tried different physio and osteo to maintain his body. We also did acupuncture.


After a few session with you we started to see the results improving. He slept better, He was more able to concentrate and stress less, He was more energetic and start to see some growth in him. He improved his tolerance to some gluten products and lactose. 

Thanks for helping Brandon function more normally

I can see the difference it has made and will defiantly be continuing the treatment to get him back to 100%. I highly recommend you to my friends and family and cant wait to see improvements with me when we start.

Thanks you heaps for your time and efforts. Especially for taking interest in Brandon and helping him on his path to achieve his goal as a tennis player.


From another mother who wants the best for her child, VIC

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