How Your Stress Is Affecting Your Bottom Line

Stress has become a common daily occurrence in today's modern world. It has almost become a buzz word that is easily thrown around like a new emotion or state of being. Today I don't want to get into why we stress, as interested as that may be, but what I want to look at is if stress really impacts our performance in our lives and our business and could our stress as a business owner be impacting our bottom line.

As a business owner, we have so much to think about, it's not only sales, marketing, lead generation, client experience & client results but it is also the non-business related tasks; our health, money, relationships and the list goes on. The truth is we are doing it all. We have one body, mind and soul playing the role of the business owner, spouse, parent, friend, chef, life organiser... Therefore if we have stress in one area of life it makes sense that it will impact other areas and therefore, it impacts the efficiency in the roles we play.

There are numerous studies that show how stress impacts our cognitive function, but how does that impact our reality and therefore when it comes to business how does it impact our growth and our bottom line?

Stress released a chain reaction of chemical reactions that put our body in fight, flight or freeze mode. So let's look at each of these reactions and how they may impact us:

This is the inability to do anything about the problem. The problem is so great that our system just freezes. We become emotionless, robotic, and all thought stops. We can become irrational as the go-to emotions in this state is anger. Other people around us are left to pick up the pieces and our business comes to a standstill. There is very little rational thought and conversations around the topic rarely make sense. This is when you go backwards in your business.


In our business 'flight' is running away from problems or tasks that we don't really want to do. It will look like avoidance instead of facing problems or look like forgetting to address things. This can happen both consciously or even sub-consciously without us being aware of it. When we do the tasks that are quick to execute and easy problems to solve first and therefore not having the times to address the problematic one. What we need to understand is that tasks that we are avoiding (consciously or sub-consciously) are generally the ones that will make the biggest impact in our business, it is the same when we breakthrough a fear barrier the other side is smooth sailing.


When we enter into fight mode we become more reliant on external resources rather than being resourceful within our own power. This looks like short term bandaids instead of implementing long term strategic solutions that we can later leverage from. This turns us into a manager rather than a leader and can have a negative impact on people around us. But the most importing aspect here is that it impairs our ability to see opportunities. When our system sits in fight mode we sit in the mindset of 'fix it fast' to get us out of the current stressful situation. By doing this we subconsciously shut doorways that have opportunities that we could easily see when in a calmer more centred state of mind.

When we sit in fight, flight or freeze mode we loose sight of the long term vision for our business, the long term goals, we miss what otherwise would be clearly visible opportunities and therefore it can have devastating effects on the bottom line of our business.

Most clients I see and discuss this within the first session learn to understand and realise that the current stressful state that they are in whether that be mental, emotional or physical is affecting there revenue intake my a min of 50%. Yes, it can really be that much. Imagine increasing your bottom line by 50%, just be reducing your stress, plus you gain a little bit of happiness and health in the processes.

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