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When we live in a world full of never ending emails, phone calls, and everything that is urgent, how do we know when to stop? Do we know when to when to stop? Or does our body just fall in a heap one day and tell us to stop?

We are in a society where mental health issues are on a rise, but do we know when its affecting us?

It’s the overwhelm, the inability to cope anymore, the inability to make a decision in fear that we will make the wrong one, and then we are stick, feel stuck and that’s where depression sets in. And we could take this as far as we want to.

But the truth is when does life like this stop? Where does the life of cars, home, wealth, lifestyle, where does that stop? And where does the inner you start? Or can we successfully have both?

The riches of feelings and emotions. The richness of gratitude. The richness of feeling your way through life. The richness of being content, with exactly where you are. And building your riches and life from this space.

We all learn in life that learning, education, building the foundation for our careers come first. That is why we go do school for 12 years, and then university. But what about taking care of self-first. When is it time? Is it today, tonight, tomorrow, next month? End of the financial year, end of the launch?

The trick is, there's always something urgent that needs to be attended to, so when does your internal self, your mind, your body, your soul, when does that become urgent? Does it become urgent after the breakdown? After the hospital visit? Does it become urgent when you just can't cope anymore? Does it become urgent when the business is no longer working? When you can't find the drive, the purpose, the vision to take your business to where you want to take it?

It’s really time to learn to integrate both sides of life, the work with our self-care. This d

oesn’t mean we all need to be energy healers and sit in meditation all day, but what it does mean is that we need to learn about ourselves. To learn what our needs and wants are and to ‘act’ from this place. To educate and career build from this place. The decisions, to buy a house, get married, have kids from this place. The decisions on what to eat, think and be; from this place. This way we really love what we do. We are doing it because WE love it, not what is expected of us. And just as we get up and go to work each day, we need to put in some self-care time each day. What ever that means for you. A run, meditation, journaling, energy healing, earthing under the full moon, eft, kinesiology. Whatever that is.

I now have clients that see me during work ours. They have learnt the value of what our sessions give them. They have learnt that it is imperative to the success of their careers and/or business to include this in their life.

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