Take Back Control. Your Life, Your Way.

Most of us live in a world where we have lost control over our life. We have unintentionally handed over the unfolding of our life to others without even realising it.

  • 9% of our pay automatically gets taken out and put into a separate account because the government doesn’t trust us to save for our retirement

  • Even more of our pay is taken out before we get hold of it for the government (Tax)

  • Our money then goes into a bank where we have no control over what happens to it.

  • We trust a ‘health care’ system that is designed to give us a drug to fix our bodies problems, instead of looking at what caused the problem.

  • The food we buy from 2 or 3 companies that tell us what you should have and more than half of the shop if filled with food made in a lab.

  • We are told to relief stress we need to meditate

  • We are told that to loose weight we need to diet and exercise

  • We live in a country when guns are illegal (thank goodness)

  • We also live in a country where cigarettes and refined sugars are still legal. And they kill more people per year than guns ever did. (between 1979 and April 1996, Australia experienced 104 deaths by guns. Yet, approx. 5,600 people die every year from obesity related diseases)

When is it time for us to take back control over our life? We can’t afford to sit back and watch our world go by just expecting it to get better, waiting for things to change. Waiting for that diagnosis to put your mind at rest, now you know something is wrong and to use that as the excuse for not being healthy, fit, happy.

One thing we have never been taught is to create our lives. To ask ourselves, what do we want? What lights us up? What makes us happy? What makes my mind, body and soul happy?

I ask you to do one thing. Question everything. EVERYTHING.

You don’t have to work Monday to Friday 9am til 5pm to make a living. You don’t have to do yoga to make you happy. (I have seen some depressed yogis in my time). Eating a tub of ice-cream after a break up doesn’t actually feel good. It is ok to laugh and cry at the same thing. We don’t have to wait until we married, get a good job, buy a house (insert anything you want here) to be happy.

Our brain isn’t designed to make us happy or successful, it is there to keep us safe and alive. Our emotions aren’t there to put us on a lifelong roll-a-coaster, it is there as a guidance system. To tell us when something is good and to keep doing it, and when to get up and walk away and everything in between.

Happiness, love, joy is meant to be the journey, not the destination.

For us to create from our hearts, because only we know what lights us up. Only we know what we want and how we want to feel. Not mum, or dad, or your science teacher, or your partner. YOU!!

Do me a favour, go and grab a pen and paper. Yes, now. Write down 3 things that you want to do this year. That you would have fun doing and that you would feel proud to have done. Plan them and go do them. All of them.

This is your life. You get one shot at it. Live it your way.


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