The Power In the Feminine

A lot of the time in the clinic I notice themes that pop up within the week and even see them flow into what comes up in social media.

At the moment there is a lot of women that are ready to rise. Ready to really embrace the true essence of who they are, the rawness of ones self. To do this we need to relook at what rising in our power looks like.

For the past few decades we have seen a massive movement in women standing forward, rising to power, being heard much more than ever before. But within all this what we have seen is a lot (not all) of women rising up the same way men have. We have risen up with a strong presence of masculine energy.

In the 80’s we saw the corporate women rise in the strong power pants suits, with oversized shoulder pads that resembled the natural shape of a man.

We saw and still see women challenging men for the top positions in politics, leading with strength, power and force.

We saw the huge rise in divorce rates, which in Australia currently sit at approx. 50% of marriages with the second rate being up around 67%. I strongly believe that one of the major reasons that this is the case is because there is an imbalance of the masculine / feminine energy within couples these days.

We have been so strongly focused on feminine empowerment that we have forgotten how to empower ourselves. We have tried to rise the way men do and the results have imbalanced ourselves and suppressed our femininity, and inturn imbalanced our relationships.

It is time to relook at what femininity means and rise through this power.

Femininity is not weak, it is not submissive, nor it is over sensitive, but more it is nurturing, flowing, affectionate, loving & tender.

I believe that this is why we bear children, as when they enter into the world they need to be nurtured, guided and taught a lot of new things. Imagine if we taught them with force, with discipline, with power. If we did this we would crush their souls, we would bury them in fear.

I was watching video that other day about one of the best companies to work for. They have a policy they never fire anyone. They teach their staff, they nurture them, they help them grow. And from this every body gains.

Have a look at the female influencers and greats that ever were. Mother Teresa is the first one that enters my mind that was always for love not war. She was a nurturer with so much love in her heart and touched the lives of so so many.

We need to do the same, rise up to our highest heights through embracing the true essence of who we are. We as women, are feminine beings.

Love it, embrace it and let your light shine through.

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