The Strength In Vulnerability

When we think of being vulnerable sometimes we think of being weak or giving into others. Looking back years ago, I will admit that is exactly what I thought. Keeping a strong united front was always the focus. On the outside everything looks picture perfect, we have got it all together, but on the inside it’s a constant battle in our heads. The why, the how, that what do I do. The internal struggle for a lot of us is real and you know what, its normal.

It is ok to want to work things out, it is ok to be inquisitive, it is ok to want to try and solve your problems. There is nothing wrong with that.

But what happens when it starts to change us? When the voice in our head starts to take over, preventing us from living the life we want to. What happens when the fear is too strong?

It is also ok, to reach out for help, it is also ok for others to know that there is a problem that you are trying to solve. It is ok, not to be ok.

When we look at vulnerability we can look at it as a sign of weakness or we can look at it as a sign of strength. Here is why:

  • When are open about how we are feeling, we are open to help. We are open to guidance. Sometime we forget that other go through their own trials and tribulations and hey, some of them may even be similar to what you are going through now. And while I am a massive advocate of there is no one size fits all solution, just hearing others out can give us a massive insight on what is possible. What can be done and a possible good place to start working through our own stuff.

  • Let’s jump on the other side for a second, we can also give others an insight to where we have been and what helped us get through it.

I was speaking to a lady the other day that I have helped with the anxiety she was experiencing. Within our sessions I gave her tools to work with when she feel the anxiousness arise. She mentioned that her girlfriend was going through a similar thing and suggested to try the tool that she learnt and they helped immensely.

  • When we are vulnerable we let go of the fears. We open ourselves up to feeling our mind and soul from the restrictions we put on ourselves. We allow ourselves to dream with no limitations, we allow ourselves to feel without limitations, we allow ourselves to love without limitations and we allow ourselves to receive without limitations.

Right now while you are sitting there in your chair, feel into that feeling of living without restrictions, without limitations, without fear but with being mindful instead.

Being free from our own fears, being free to live the way we want. What a beautiful feeling.


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