Gut health for clear skin

As women, we can get conscious about the appearance of our skin. We want a even skin tone, no blemishes, no wrinkles, no redness, smooth skin texture and perfectly pouty lips. Oh my, that sound exhausting just thinking about all the work that needs done. Here is a deal, what if I told you your could achieve all of this without all the creams, anti-wrinkle serums and injections, peels and all the rest of it. Actually, what if I told you all this could be achieved with just food and the simplest beauty routine? And I’m not referring to the cooling cucumbers on your eyes or even coffee masks.

Let me break this down a little further for you… Our face is like a map (and I’m not taking about the lines on your face), but every part of our face is an indication of what is going on inside our body. So if we watch what we eat and ensure our body is functioning at top condition it will show on our face.

For us ladies the two main dysfunctions that show up on our face is our digestive system and our reproductive system.

Inflammation in our stomach and digestive track show up on our checks and forehead. Yep that redness that has been on your checks for years, that the beautician has always told you was rosacea or sun damage, is most likely your stomach out of balance.

While at that time of month, come the blemishes and redness around our chin area that at times can slightly extend to the jaw line.

With proper guidance and tailoring to your specifics needs from a practitioner you can heal all of this from the inside out.

But the first thing to do is to eliminate anything from your diet that shouldn’t be there.

Refined Sugars

The refine sugars are a great start, but here is a hint, read your packets as there is a chance there is some sort of sugar in everything you buy. I know it’s a pain, but they add sugar to almost everything as it makes it taste better and makes it highly addictive. (If you are having sugar addictions, let me know and we can work thru this together).

Anything artificial

Again it will say it on the packet, but anything artificial puts pressure on your stomach to break it down and on our immune system to detoxify. A build up of this stuff over time, causes inflammation and havoc on our digestive system. By eliminating these from our diet give our bodies the best opportunity to heal from the inside out.

Add Plenty Water

For that natural lump looking skin pure clean water is the most essential thing. Our bran in made up of 80% water and body is about 70% water, so when we are even slightly dehydrated the first part of our body to suffer in our skin. Forget the 8 glasses rule, it doesn’t make sense if I have a petite build that my body need the same amount of water than someone 7ft tall and broad build. So the rule of thumb is 1Litre to 22kgs and a base and then if you sweat during exercise add in a little more.

Let me know if you need further help with clearing up and creating glowing skin.


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