Is Pain A Good Thing?

Day after day, week after week, month after month, we learn to live with the little niggles, the head aches, the tummy that doesn’t feel quite right after the morning coffee, but that’s ok we can just change up the milk we have, change the amount of coffee’s in a day. It always feels better when I have a breakfast before my coffee.

We are really good at changing things up and brushing a side the little things that are going on in our bodies. But, why are these headaches occurring? Why does my morning latte feel good after I eat, but not on an empty stomach? We tend to forget to ask that simple questions of why?

Here is another question for you? Why don’t we ask ourselves why? Is it because we have just never done it before, or it is that the symptoms are so small compared to what is going on outside of us that they are too easy to ignore?


like the duck in the bath scenario. It starts off in a bath of cold water, but doesn’t realise the water is getting warmer until we end up with chicken and corn soup.

So how long do we have to wait until we are ready to listen to what our bodies? Everything that is going on in our bodies is giving us a message. A message that something is either going right or it’s upset with us and its not feeling great.

Is it maybe time to listen to our bodies and see what it is trying to tell us? We know when our bodies are in a good mood with us, our mood is up, we have good energy levels, we are on top of it.

But what about when its not right? The tension headaches, the upset stomach, the back pain, the fatigue, the stress and anxiety. Should we get this looked at before it gets worse?

Gets go back to the duck for a moment, its like soda and diabetes, its like that little stomach upset and gluten intolerance, its like fats and a heart attacks, its like smoking and cancer. What level does it need to get to until we take notice?

We know things like diabetes and heart attacks don’t just all of a sudden happen to us for no reason. It is months, years and even decades of putting pressure on our bodies that end up finally breaking. It’s at breaking point and either you need to stop or it will.

Here is one thing that I recommend everyone do:

Get to know your body and how it functions

This is going to be the best way to know when it is in a good state or not. Your body is like no other, you react and respond differently to anyone else on this planet. Your likes and dislikes are exclusive to you. Get to know YOUR body, how if functions and how it wants to heal.

Learn about what your body needs to survive

We are not talking about going and getting a doctorate, just simple fact about what you should and shouldn’t be consuming and how it affects you.

At the end of the day it all comes down to what we know. Education. In a world where there is no much information at our fingertips and also so many opinions on the same topic, it comes back to us as an individual to work out what is right for us? Check out expert sources and professional advise and you decide what your approach will be to your health.

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