Surrender to Survive

Every year I take at least a week holiday with my family. It is the rare occasion that we are all free at the same time. Time to down tools, do the family Christmas rounds and then spend some time with just my husband and boys at a beach. This is my time to reflect upon the year, and review my plans for the next.

Time to Reflect

But is it more than that, this is the time when I really look at the way that I am feeling and reassess that. Am I finishing off the year feeling the way I want to? How would I like to finish of a year? And what changes do I need to make to make sure this happens for the next year?

So here is what I worked out;

In the last 6 months I have been going through massive transformation period. As we know 2016 was a year of endings, so for me I had big doors closing and others opening and starting to open. For me this took up a lot of my energy, both mentally and physically. In the last 2 weeks of December I ended up coming down with a flu that was so physically painful that I had no choice but to surrender. To handed everything over to the universe to deal with. All I knew is to get better and finish off this transition I had some issues that was clearly surfacing that I needed to deal with. I remember putting the kids to bed one night and going straight to bed myself, as I was in so much pain I couldn’t move. My legs were aching, my knees were stiff to the point of tears. I sat up in bed and took out a pen and paper and started writing. I needed to get it all out. I wrote and wrote until I was so tired I couldn’t write anymore. In the morning I woke up with no pain. I could walk, stand and move with ease. I had finally let go of everything that was crippling my body.

As I had already decided to surrender to the universe I know all I had to do was to follow its lead. Everything I felt right I did, everything I didn’t feel was right I didn’t do. Sounds pretty simple, but sometimes, just like we all do is feel the resistance from the ego.

After I got over my flu, the final door slammed shut. Boy did it slam. With that come a huge sense of relief. A little fear for the future, but also a huge amount of excitement, as I was able to start the new year of 2017 any way I wanted to. That image playing on my mind was soo exciting.

A little fear for the future, but also a huge amount of excitement

I had already planned out what I wanted to do in 2017, both in my personal life and in business but now I could feel it. It was no longer a plan on paper, but the feeling of excitement, accomplishment, freedom and fulfilment started to set in.

So for 2017 I have made a promise to myself to follow some simple guidelines. This way I wont finish this year as exhausted as 2016.

  1. When things get too tough, surrender to the universe and trust that it will show you the way. The universe really does have your back, but you need to let it. Allow it to show you the way. You can even go one step further and stay in this surrendering / connection mode most of the time.

  2. Bring the feeling of what you want into the now. Feel the accomplishment of achieving the task, feel the love of the new boyfriend that will come your way, feel the confidence of the new you that has got that promotion. By bringing the feelings into the now the manifestation will be so much quicker, because you are aligning thing up.

  3. Find the positive in everything. This is something I have been taught from a very young age. As a family growing up we have been through some pretty tough times, but by learning to lead with love the outcome will always be favourable. Not only that you will receive what you project. So if you lead with love, love is what you will get in return.

  4. No holes barred. That right, no more getting in my way. No more excuses, no more giving in to fears and doubts. It is really easy in business and life in general to want to please everyone, when really the main person we need to please is ourselves. The true colours of our inner soul needs to shine through with purity and love. This is how you attract others, this is how you how others are attracted to you. This is the real power and connection of mankind.

May 2017 be an amazing year for all of you xxx

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