December is the new March

I love December for so many reasons, the planning for the next year, catching up with friends and family, Christmas and summer vacations. But for me as well this is my busiest time of year in business.

I remember very clearly when I was in my second year of business I made the decision that I was going to treat December like it was March. Why you may ask? Well, I remember everyone telling me that Dec/Jan was always a very quiet time of year. People are too busy with xmas and then holidays to get any sort of therapy for themselves.

So I decided to challenge myself and have a March mindset in December. So I do not start to wind down my business just before xmas, and definitely don’t go slow in Jan. I must admit I do take one week off between Xmas and New Years, but all other times are business as usual, and I can tell you every year since, it has paid off. But not only paid off, I have found Dec/Jan now is my buzziest time of year.

You can decide to go with the flow of society or make your own flow. You are only limited by your mindset. So while you are creating your own business, create your own rules, create your own flow and create your own version of success.

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