How's and Why's of Kinesiology

Have you ever wondered how Kinesiology works? I personally have been seeing a kinesiologist for the last 15years for numerous things like, eczema, fructose malabsorption, depression, anxiety, spinal sprain, business confidence and so much more.

I often get clinics say to me, "I know it works, but how does it work?'.

Well the thing is, everything we have ever been through, everything we have ever experienced is stored within our subconscious mind. These experiences can go back from the moment of conception. Some of us also believe that these experiences can be carried with us both generational and from our past lives.

It is these experiences and the beliefs and values around these experiences that can be triggered throughout our lives.

The subconscious mind hold the key to getting to the root cause of why an individual suffers from a dis-ease or discomfort, or in milder terms ‘our blocks’.

This is why we need to be able to gain access to the supressed energy within our subconscious to release them. Once they are released we gain back this energy as well as the energy that we had been using to keep them supressed.

By releasing these trapped energies you can than change the way to feel and therefore change your outcome. However, these trapped energies also act like a magnet as they attract the same energy to us. Thus is why we start seeing patterns within our experience, whether it’s to do with attracting the wrong partner, troubles in business, our lack confidence or luck with money.

With kinesiology the basis of it is muscle testing - the motion of contraction and relaxation of muscles. This is the same way our body functions. Our heart contract and released to pump blood around the body the same way our biceps contract to pull our arm towards us, just the same way we walk, talk, blink, basically the way we live. As a therapist we are able to ask the body questions and gain responses by the muscles. Our body is able to indicated to us through this process what is going on in the subconscious mind and whether it is in a relaxed state or not.

Anything can put us in a relaxed or tense state. Love will be a strong muscle, while when we look at the emotion of fear, we get a weak response. It is through this that we can accurately work out where your trapped energy is and what it is connect to.

Not only that, but we are also able to identify what way your body would like the energy to be released.

When we release the energy around fear, we can then make room for more love.

When we release the energy around self-doubt, we can confidently stand in our power. Releasing the unwanted energy around money, we can make room for abundance.

Once the trapped energies are released and new energy starts to flow, we can see the change not only on a energetic level, but also on a cellular, chemical and mental levels, thus feeling the release on a physical and emotional and spiritual levels.


As a Kinesiologist Jennifer's love for food and creativity is 2nd to none, hence the focus on digestive health and business.

Jennifer works closely with her clients to ensure they get the most out of life.

As well as one:one consults Jennifer runs the personalised Unblock Your Business Program as well as the Align to You Group Program, both aimed at helping entrepreneur in their business.

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