Walking thru mud in your stilettos

Walking thru mud in your stilettos is my terminology for pushing s*%t up hill, which is all so easily to do in life and especially in business, where we are so passionate about our cause or idea that we will do anything to make it happen.

The truth bomb is that a direction with no strategy is not going to get you anywhere, and when we do have a direction and strategy, when we are faced with old belief systems and emotional blocks it just makes that work 100 times harder. Achieving simple goals feel like you are walking through mud in your stilettos. And if you are a women, you know how hard this is.

It’s this sort of situations that make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and if prolonged can lead you to the burn out stage. This stage is not only taxing on you and your business but also everyone around you.

So what is the answer? You want to go a million miles an hour on your business, but you also want the consistent results.

The answer is to slow down. Why? Because when you slow down, you can listen to yourself much easier. You can hear your intuitions, your stresses, your fears, your frustrations and your needs, and it’s when you hear these things that you can act upon them. To release the fears and frustrations, to listen to what you intuition is telling you and to nurture yourself alongside your business. Because at the end of the day, you are your business and your blocks are your business blocks. Entrepreneurship is a journey of self discovery, grow within and watch your business boom.

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