Be Your Own Fairy Godmother!!

Decisions, decisions, decision. What, how, when, why? This is making my head hurt!!

When I was in my mid twenties, I always dreamt of having a fairy godmother. Someone that I could relinquish all my decision making tasks to. Someone that could tell me what to do, so my life could be perfectly on track.

Over the years I discovered quite a few life lessons, including how to make good decisions.

Now I get the same questions fro my clients. How do I make decisions, the perfect decisions, the right ones?

Before we go into this more deeply, I think we need to remember that you are the way you are because of everything you have been through. All your lives events, decisions, trials & tribulations as well as the good times and the bad times. We live in a world made up of contrast; right and left; love and fear; up and down; man and women, the way we grow and develop is by understanding and living through these contrasts. You don’t know how to love until you learn what hate is. You don’t know what financial freedom is until you experience poverty. So with this mind, every decision you make is valuable to our experience in this world. Some decisions will be in perfect alignment with where you are heading, other will be the perfect for you as an individual, as it will give you the knowledge, or a lesson that you need to head in the direction you want to.

So therefore, there is never a bad or wrong decision, only ones to give you experience and knowledge.

There are couple of pointers that I use to help me make decisions;

#1 Go with your Gut

Your gut instincts are normally right. I have never known them not to be. The trick here is to determine the difference between your gut / intuition and your mind. There is a cut off point when the brain and logic start to filter in. Your gut instinct is the first thought and feeling that come in, soon after your brain kicks into action. What you need to remember is that the brain is designed to keep you alive. Therefore it is its job to highlight any potential threats or dangers. These normally show up as fears and unwanted beliefs. The problem is that most of you have learnt to focus on this and make decisions from this place without considering what our natural instincts are.

#2 The’ Hell Yes’ Theory

This kind of goes along side #1, but when thinking about the decision you need to make if your first reaction is not a “Hell Yes’ it’s a NO. Why? You may ask. You want to do things that excite you, that gets you closer to your future.

#3 Look where you are heading

On the homepage of my website we look at the Life Tracker Quiz, the reason I like to do this before anything is so you know where you are heading in life. What is it that you want out of life. This way when making a decision you can ask ourselves, is this taking me away or bring me closer to my goals?

#4 Love not fear

Always make your decision from a place of love not fear. Fear will never give you the right advice. If you are in a place of fear put off making the decision until you can calm your mind, centre your body, bring yourself back to the present moment and then relook at it.

#5 Don’t Force it!!

It will never work if you have to push it too hard into place. This doesn’t mean hard work is not required, but if it feel like you are pushing s*#t up hill to make it happen, it’s most likely not the best decision and you should probably relook at it.

It’s time to go forth and fly xx

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