Are You Perfect? I Hope Not!!

There are certain things in life that we keep putting off, waiting for that perfect moment, the perfect condition, the perfect hair, the perfect mood, the perfect circumstances. My question is… Is there such thing as perfect? What exactly are we waiting for? And will it ever come?

I was driving to the clinic today, when I remembered that I hadn’t done my video blog for the week, and in that same instance I caught myself saying “oh, I’m too cold today, I’ll do it when I feel better”. And yes I am in the middle of my seasonal detox and it is 14 degrees here in Melbourne, but knowing myself perfectly well, I asked? What is the perfect temperature? 18 degrees, 21, 28, 35? I put myself to the test. The honest truth was there is no perfect temp. I am a lover of the tropics, so my ideal temp sits between 34 and 36 degrees. So I googled it. The answer 9 days. Yes, according to the ideal temp for me to do a video blog, I have 9 days a year to work with. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. That’s because it is.

We all have goals, ambitions and dreams. What is holding you back from turning them into fruition? Is it the lack of time, energy, and money. If it is time, take 1hr a day or even 10mins to work towards it. If it is energy same thing, baby steps. If it is money, give yourself minimal realistic target, it can be as low as $20 a week or even a month. It all adds up, then one day you will look back and you will be living your dream, you will have new goals, new dreams new ambitions, and you would have realised that all the baby steps all added up and turned into this beautiful life that you lead now.

You will have learnt to realise that the perfect time is now. If you can dream it now, you can start doing it now. Your energy is already there. If you want to do it, just do it. There is no need to focus on the blocks, limiting beliefs or restraints. Focus on one step at a time. Focus on the feeling of achievement; focus on the right now like there is no tomorrow. The last thing we want to do is to get to 65 or 85 and say to yourself; If only… What if… Do It Anyway.

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