Authentically You

There are times in your life where you look back and realise that you have done things that weren’t what you really wanted. Either you didn’t know any better, you did it because we thought it was the right thing to do or simply because it was expected of you. In a world of so much expectation, how do we know if we are being authentic?

Some say being authentic is about doing this your way? But what is your way? What we if we are still on the road to self-discovery, what if we never really figure out who we are? Does that mean we are never being authentic?

I believe that you have been put on this earth to experience the contrast that is all around. The love, the fear, the joys, the hurt, the good and the bad. You need to experience the rejection, so you know it is love that you want. You need to experience the fear to know how fearless you want to be. So could living authentically simply mean making decisions in the direction of where you want to go? Decisions that are made from your set of core values (that is if our values serve us in the direction we are heading), ones that are in alignment with the person you need to be.

Even if you are not clear about where you are heading, you always know where you ‘don’t’ want to go. So as long as you have these parameters in mind when going along your daily path, you will always be heading in the right direction. And as you continue on this journey, you will continue to experience the contrast, and as you continue to experience the contrast you will continue to form a more defined direction, until one day you will look back and see how far you have come. How much road you have travelled, all in the direction you have been wanting to. All because you understood the contrast and all because you have made the decisions along the way to experience what feels good. And this is what living authentically is, making the conscious choices to experience all that feels good in your world.

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