Ease Your Headache Naturally

If there is one thing that I have learnt to work with through the years, it's the pain in my body. For me this is a chance to stop and listen to see what it needs. Have I been neglecting it? Does it need a little more nurturing? I have just come off having a headache for 2 days. We all get these days and they are not fun, but lets have a look on why they occur and what we can do about them. 1. Hydration - Our brain is made up of approx 93% water. Therefore even being slightly dehydrated can give us everlasting headaches. When a headache comes on, start by drinking 1Lt of water. And don't forget that our daily H2O intake is a min of 1Lt per 22kgs. 2. Posture - If we are sitting at a desk all day for work our posture can play a huge roll in our headaches. Make sure you take regular short breaks from the desk, walk around and stretch it out. If it has gone too far treat yourself in for a massage, acupuncture or a trip to your kinesiologist. (and don't forget the H2O) 3. Stress - It's those days when you have a deadline and get a headache as well because the stress has caught up with you. When we stress we tense our bodies, dehydrate quicker and throws out our hormones. On those days when you have a lot on, try and start the day with some aerobic exercise, have healthy snacks on hand and plenty of water. Then ensure you take the time to wind down of an evening (a warm bath or meditation is always my got to). 4. Sleeping position - If you are waking up with a headache, and you are well hydrated, check your sleeping position. The way we sleep as well as our mattress and pillow play a huge roll in how rejuvenating our sleep is and can also contribute to headaches. Remedy - take a trip down to Snooze and find the best sleep support for you and treat yourself to an acupuncturist to put everything back in place. Other very useful tips - Peppermint essential oil - Place 2-3 drop under the nose or smell it from the palm of your hands Coffee - Have a cup of Coffee. This can help sometimes as caffeine constricts blood vessels and is often an ingredient in pain relievers. (don't forget the water with this one as coffee also dehydrates you).

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