I Struggled To See After Touching Coffee.

I have never been a coffee lover or a coffee drinker. I’m not a fan of the taste or smell. I also don't like how our bodies can become relient on it. I can understand why

the general population are in love with it, but it has never been my thing.

I do however, like the idea of the anti oxidant properties that it does contain. I also like to try new things that benefit me. So, I decided to make a coffee mask to give my skin the antioxidant benefits. How bad can it be right? Coconut oil and a little bit of freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee. Sounds like a dream for the skin, right?

Oh was I soo wrong. What a bad decision. I found out just how hypersensitive I was to coffee. It started to give me anxiety attacks, heart palpitations and my eyesight started to go blurry almost straight away. First I went to see my optometrist and she couldn’t explain what was happening to my eyesight, and how I could see well one minute and was seriously struggling to focus the next.

So straight away I called my kinesiologist whom made the connection with my liver. She asked me why my liver was stressed? I went home and did some work on myself, only to find that the coffee was just putting too much stress on my liver, which is connected to the eyes. I worked on myself to release the anxiety, as well as detoxing my body. This was two weeks ago.

Yesterday I saw my optometrist again and even I was pleasantly suppressed. Not only had my sight stabilized, but it was better then before. This is why I love what I do, when you stump ‘mainstream’ professionals and have the scientific tests to prove your results.

Now I just need to do a little extra work to get rid of my glasses for good.


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