Easy ways to de-clutter your mind!

Are you walking around all day with a mind full? Different thoughts, feelings, emotions, lists and to do’s. Then, when small stresses or problems come along they appear much bigger than what they really are. So how can we prevent this from happening? How can we de-clutter our minds so we have the room to work through the stressful times with more ease?

  1. Journaling – This is what I call a mental download or a brain dump. Grab an exercise book and write down everything that is in your mind. Your innermost throughs, feelings, negative and positive self talk, how your day went. Absolut everything. Sometimes the problems solve themselves or appear smaller after we write them on paper. If you do this at the end of every day you will go to bed feeling lighter and mentally clearer (and even sleep better).

  2. Capture – Have a way of capturing all the to do’s as they come up. Write them down, email them to yourself or voice to text record them on your phone. Find a way that works for you, collate them at the end of the day so you can start tomorrow with a plan.

  3. Meditation – Meditation helps clear your mind, release unwanted emotions and give you the time with yourself to connect in to your spirit. That connection with your intuition will help bring you clarity and peace. Start with 5-10mins and slowly work your way up. Give yourself time goals that are achieveable.

  4. Exercise – We know there are many benefits of exercise, but did you know that exercise releases chemicals that moderate the brains response to stress? As well as giving us more energy to increase productivity. Find an exercise that is fun and works for you and reap the benefits.

  5. Emotional Release Exercises – This is something that I take a lot of my clients through in my kinesiology sessions. This helps lift layers of emotions that have been left stagnant for years. The more unwanted emotions that are released, the more clarity we have and the more room there is to process and handle the stressful times with ease.

Try one of these or try them all and notice the difference it makes to your life.

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