Dreams & Goals


It's time to take charge, dream big and live

the life that you deserve. And there is no better way to do it, than with a group of amazing like-minded people.

Join this 12-month Online Mastermind with like-minded people and watch your dreams become your reality

Feeling stuck, want more clarity or simply want to aim higher?


There are many of us at the moment that are feeling stuck or have the feeling that they could be, do or have more.  The feeling that you know you have more to give others and yourself than you are currently expressing.



If you don't have the life of your dreams there is always a reason, but sometimes that reason is not so obvious. It is not that we go around saying to ourselves that we can't have want we want. To be honest, that is exactly what is happening, but it is all subconscious. 



Sometimes it comes down to what we have been told or how we were treated as a child. You know those times when we wanted more toys but we just got one so mum told us to not be so greedy. Or when you were told that you can't have everything in life, so pick and choose wisely.



Especially when we go through these situations from birth to 7 years old, they stay in our subconscious forever and play out in our everyday life whether we are aware of them or not. 



Time to change?.... I think so too.



This is why I have decided to put together a group. Yes, a group of like-minded big dreamers, high achievers to grow together and to champion each other on. Because it is so much easier when like-minded people come together to achieve.


Big Dreamers, High Achievers



I am so excited about this as it will be life-changing.

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✅ 12-month online group mastermind

✅ LIVE online meet up once a month (Tuesday evening at 8pm)

✅ A private FB group to support each other in between meetups.

✅ Email access to me in between meetups.

✅ Earlybird bonus will be a 1hr private consult with myself.

✅ I will take you through planning your own set of goals that are

aligned to you.

✅ How to start achieving them

✅ What you need to consider so you don't sabotage your goals.

✅ Learning to be aware of the subconscious programs

✅ Rewiring your subconscious programs that they work for us.

✅ Celebrating your wins

✅ Helping each other with our challenges

✅ Have accountability to stay on track.

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Dreams & Goals



per month for 12 months

Secure your spot with the 1st instalment payment



upfront once-off payment


Jennifer will be taking you through how to become clear in your direction forward. To help you unpack what you really want out of your life and how to close that gap between where you are and your dream life, so you can feel empowered mentally and emotionally. While Shelley will be diving into what foods can bring us an abundance of energy and how we fix these imbalances created by emotion using the food is medicine principles.  This will not only support you physically and emotionally but also give you’re the energy to execute that new aligned path forward.