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To get the best results from our business it is always the intension to come from a place of alignment, a place of flow and ease. This is the reason we always align first and then act, align first and then do business.  This way we come from a place of inspirations instead of desperation.

Our clients are not the only key aspect of your business.  There are other points that you can trip up on. Especially when it comes to putting yourself out their, setting your fees that put a value to yourself and your service, and there are many more.

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Are you ready to do it with ease from a place of alignment?

Are you ready to shift your mindset, align to your goals, grow your business, earn the money you need to sustain the lifestyle that you have always wanted?

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Andrew Pearce

Anxiety Free Living

Dominique Oyston

Business Voice Angel

I was fortunate enough to have a coaching package with Jennifer McCormack recently. It was so delightful working with Jennifer! Each session we cleared business (and relevant personal) blocks that were stalling my progress. Each session I felt lighter, clearer and there was no more procrastination around the particular issue. I particularly enjoyed getting clarity around pricing and programs. We covered a huge amount in each session. What a beautiful person Jennifer is to work with; so easy, so light but definite, and so productive. She is a gift to any business!

Melanie Midegs

Business Mentor, Speaker & 

Host of The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs

I HIGHLY recommend working with Jennifer. Earlier this year I went through burnout/disillusion about my business and what I was creating. After going for my dreams for over 12 months I felt like I had created a monster that had taken me off-track, made me sick and had completely depleted my energy. Tell tale signs that something was not right. 


I knew inside that the way I was operating my business, and what I was focusing on, was not right for me on some level and I really wanted to understand what truly was - and the blocks that were holding me back. 


Working with Jennifer was exactly what I needed. Together over two months we met weekly and it was so great to have that support, to get me back to a level of confidence with what I was creating and feel the flow again. I know plenty of business strategies, but Jennifer was my go-to lady to make sure the strategies I was using were in a alignment, that my goals were in alignment, that the services I was promoting were in alignment and gave me the tools I needed to actually move through my blocks rather than let them get the best of me. 


The result - I am SO on track to the real vision I started with. My community and tribe has blossomed, amazing opportunities and collaborations have opened up, and I feel so much more excited about my business and where I’m heading.


Thank you Jennifer. You truly have a gift and the world needs more of you. If you didn’t cross my path when you did I’m not sure what would have happened! You have the most nurturing nature, yet you will say it how it is (and I know I showed resistance!), but I’m glad you persisted to keep me on track. If you’re on the fence, just do it… there is a reason why you are thinking about it in the first place. Jennifer is a game changer.