The Power In the Feminine

A lot of the time in the clinic I notice themes that pop up within the week and even see them flow into what comes up in social media. At the moment there is a lot of women that are ready to rise. Ready to really embrace the true essence of who they are, the rawness of ones self. To do this we need to relook at what rising in our power looks like. For the past few decades we have seen a massive movement in women standing forward, rising to power, being heard much more than ever before. But within all this what we have seen is a lot (not all) of women rising up the same way men have. We have risen up with a strong presence of masculine energy. In the 80’s we saw the corporate women rise in th

The Strength In Vulnerability

When we think of being vulnerable sometimes we think of being weak or giving into others. Looking back years ago, I will admit that is exactly what I thought. Keeping a strong united front was always the focus. On the outside everything looks picture perfect, we have got it all together, but on the inside it’s a constant battle in our heads. The why, the how, that what do I do. The internal struggle for a lot of us is real and you know what, its normal. It is ok to want to work things out, it is ok to be inquisitive, it is ok to want to try and solve your problems. There is nothing wrong with that. But what happens when it starts to change us? When the voice in our head starts to take over

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