A flower doesn’t need permission to bloom, but it does need to be watered.

As entrepreneurs we are our business, any fears, blocks and barriers that we face also show up in our business. However, unlike the resilience of the human body, our business is not so resilient, so when these things effect our business it means lack of client, revenue and growth. This is not something we want to face when we are trying to grow our businesses. I am here to say that you have absolutely everything inside of you to create and grow a successful business, but it needs to be unleashed. You need guidance, knowledge, understandings and strategies, but above all – You need to know yourself and be honest with yourself. The only thing that is holding your business back is you. A litt

4 Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs

We have just come out of the silly season and more than likely you have eaten and drank too much. Now is a great time to start to focus on yourself, listen to your body and give it what it wants. I want to take this one step further and say that if you are having gut health issues, there is some foods that your body is telling you to avoid. I could tell you about the proceed sugars, additives, preservatives etc, they are the obvious ones, but I would like you to dig in a little bit deeper and really listen to your body. Here is a list of 4 foods you should avoid at all costs. Food that make you Bloat Foods that give you excess Gas Foods that make you tired Foods that make your face red The

Surrender to Survive

Every year I take at least a week holiday with my family. It is the rare occasion that we are all free at the same time. Time to down tools, do the family Christmas rounds and then spend some time with just my husband and boys at a beach. This is my time to reflect upon the year, and review my plans for the next. Time to Reflect But is it more than that, this is the time when I really look at the way that I am feeling and reassess that. Am I finishing off the year feeling the way I want to? How would I like to finish of a year? And what changes do I need to make to make sure this happens for the next year? So here is what I worked out; In the last 6 months I have been going through massive

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