How's and Why's of Kinesiology

Have you ever wondered how Kinesiology works? I personally have been seeing a kinesiologist for the last 15years for numerous things like, eczema, fructose malabsorption, depression, anxiety, spinal sprain, business confidence and so much more. I often get clinics say to me, "I know it works, but how does it work?'. Well the thing is, everything we have ever been through, everything we have ever experienced is stored within our subconscious mind. These experiences can go back from the moment of conception. Some of us also believe that these experiences can be carried with us both generational and from our past lives. It is these experiences and the beliefs and values around these experiences

Walking thru mud in your stilettos

Walking thru mud in your stilettos is my terminology for pushing s*%t up hill, which is all so easily to do in life and especially in business, where we are so passionate about our cause or idea that we will do anything to make it happen. The truth bomb is that a direction with no strategy is not going to get you anywhere, and when we do have a direction and strategy, when we are faced with old belief systems and emotional blocks it just makes that work 100 times harder. Achieving simple goals feel like you are walking through mud in your stilettos. And if you are a women, you know how hard this is. It’s this sort of situations that make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and if prolonged can

Be Your Own Fairy Godmother!!

Decisions, decisions, decision. What, how, when, why? This is making my head hurt!! When I was in my mid twenties, I always dreamt of having a fairy godmother. Someone that I could relinquish all my decision making tasks to. Someone that could tell me what to do, so my life could be perfectly on track. Over the years I discovered quite a few life lessons, including how to make good decisions. Now I get the same questions fro my clients. How do I make decisions, the perfect decisions, the right ones? Before we go into this more deeply, I think we need to remember that you are the way you are because of everything you have been through. All your lives events, decisions, trials & tribulations

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