STOP!!! Look & Listen

Seriously, STOP & listen to your body and take note of what it is trying to tell you. Connect deep within and you will notice it has a lot to stay. Lets have a look at this from two angles, my favourite two. Gut health and intuition. First let’s look at intuition. When we go about our daily lives there are decisions that we need to make. What do we have for breakfast? What career path do I want to take? Where do I invest my money? What do I wear today? Now I urge you before answer the question too quickly, I want you to ask yourself… What do I really want…? What is really going to make me happy? There are so many of us out there that go about our daily lives not happy with where we are. The

Are You Perfect? I Hope Not!!

There are certain things in life that we keep putting off, waiting for that perfect moment, the perfect condition, the perfect hair, the perfect mood, the perfect circumstances. My question is… Is there such thing as perfect? What exactly are we waiting for? And will it ever come? I was driving to the clinic today, when I remembered that I hadn’t done my video blog for the week, and in that same instance I caught myself saying “oh, I’m too cold today, I’ll do it when I feel better”. And yes I am in the middle of my seasonal detox and it is 14 degrees here in Melbourne, but knowing myself perfectly well, I asked? What is the perfect temperature? 18 degrees, 21, 28, 35? I put myself to the te

Be Clear On your Goals

Be clear on your goals, make them so compelling that there is nothing holding you back, nothing will get in your way of where you are now and where you want to be. When we talk about goal setting or even when it comes to following our hearts, you need to learn to listen to yourself. Learn to know what you want deep within your core. This doesn’t mean you need a life plan, a 5-year plan or even a 6-month plan, but what you need to do is follow your heart and your soul. If you have a long-term goal it is easy to break it down into manageable steps; what do I need to do this month, this week, today? Make everything that you do on a day-to-day basis walk in the direction on where you want to go

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