Ease Your Headache Naturally

If there is one thing that I have learnt to work with through the years, it's the pain in my body. For me this is a chance to stop and listen to see what it needs. Have I been neglecting it? Does it need a little more nurturing? I have just come off having a headache for 2 days. We all get these days and they are not fun, but lets have a look on why they occur and what we can do about them. 1. Hydration - Our brain is made up of approx 93% water. Therefore even being slightly dehydrated can give us everlasting headaches. When a headache comes on, start by drinking 1Lt of water. And don't forget that our daily H2O intake is a min of 1Lt per 22kgs. 2. Posture - If we are sitting at a des

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