Easy ways to de-clutter your mind!

​Are you walking around all day with a mind full? Different thoughts, feelings, emotions, lists and to do’s. Then, when small stresses or problems come along they appear much bigger than what they really are. So how can we prevent this from happening? How can we de-clutter our minds so we have the room to work through the stressful times with more ease? Journaling – This is what I call a mental download or a brain dump. Grab an exercise book and write down everything that is in your mind. Your innermost throughs, feelings, negative and positive self talk, how your day went. Absolut everything. Sometimes the problems solve themselves or appear smaller after we write them on paper. If you

Who is in the Mirror?

The other day I was contemplating on my life and all the adventures I have embarked on. All the different jobs I have had, the different friends that I have and had as well as the different roles that I have played in my life. And this got me thinking. Do we know who is looking back at us in the mirror? It is easy in this modern world to get caught up in stereotypes, putting others and ourselves in a boxed category, focusing on the outer. The mother, the corporate women, the extrovert, the hippy, the gym junkie, the beach girl, the tech head and the list goes on. But what happens if you fit into more than one stereotype. Does that make you an outcast, or do you float between groups? Does

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