Balance 4 Life is a program that has come about based on my work as a Kinesiologist / health & wellness coach, as well as my own personal life experiences. It is a mix of different modalities and teachings from around the globe to help you obtain the best results possible.


With my work, my main area of focus is helping people heal their digestive system in a beautifully natural way. Some of the causes I find is that we are; over stressed, over worked, streching ourselves to far, focusing our time outwards, no time to eat or not eating well to our bodies needs.


So I have made it easy for you. I have put everything into a unique 8 week program to help you obtain the balance in life that you are after. This steams from the 5 Principles of Health & Wellbeing, which are:


- Spirituality

- Thinking

- Movement

- Relationships

- Consumption


What do you get out of this?

-Learn how to obtain balance

-More Energy

-Increased Physcial Health

-How to reduce stress

-How to cope with stress (Cause we cant get rid of everyone ;))

- Learn more about your body

- Learn more about yourself and how you tick

- To reconnect with the true inner you

- You may even find your passion in life


What you get in the 8 Weeks

- 8 x LIVE online training session

a place for you and fellow program members to learn and interact

- 4 x personal 1 on 1 kinesiology / coaching sessions with me

This can be done in person at the Hampton Clinic or via skype

- Information that you can take away and apply to your life NOW!


This is not about changing the way you think to get results, this is real life physcial changes that you can make right now to increase balance in your life and obtain a better health and wellbeing.


Next program start is 22 Februrary 2016


Total Cost $530

About Me









Jennifer McCormack

SFEF Kinesiologist

Health & Wellbeing Coach



My Personal Story - In 2007 I was diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption, but before my diagnosis I was constantly tired. Actually I was more than tired, I was exhausted all the time.  I would get home from work and not be able to move, I was so tired. 

Besides this, I suffered chronic constipation, gas, stomach cramps and bloating to the point that I constantly looked pregnant all the time and every time I eat I would be in pain.


After a lot of work on my physical and mental health, I am now able to eat anything I like. I now have an abundance of energy, my stomach no longer bloats and other symptoms are a thing of the past.


For me, the main cause was stress and anxiety. I learnt how to claim my mind and my body. Kinesiology helped me move forward from past stresses and helped my body heal. Yes, I read every self-help book out there, but for me it was not what I knew, it is the actions I took that made the difference.


This is the angle that I come from with my clients. Most of us know we need to stress less, be more mindful of our day-to-day actions and be in the present moment. But what do we need to do to achieve it?  


I want to help you obtain the most results with the least amount of effort. Because being true to ourselves and shinning from the inside out should not be a hard task.


I tell my clients to have fun while on their self-discovery and self-healing journey. And this is what I want for you too.