VIDEO 1 - Identifying your IDEAL Client

Identifying your IDEAL customer is such an important part of business. This not only allows you to clearly know who we are serving in business but also to ensure we are an energetic match and a magnet for these people.  When your days are filled with serving people you LOVE, your business is fun, flowing and ever so abundant.


You started a business to spread your message and help as many people as possible. Aligning to your client will not only bring you clients you love to work with, but will also bring you people that love to spread your message for you.



Watch this video and let me know how you go. I want to make sure that you are very clear on who you want to serve and what problems you are solving for them. 



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P.S Watch out tomorrow for the next video in your inbox, where I will take you through the same alignment process that I take all my clients through in our 1:1 sessions.